MUST-READ: Scientists are pretty sure they just found a portal to the fifth dimension

Our knowledge of the Universe relies upon the idea of dark matter, which hypothetically takes up the vast majority of the matter in the universe. “How gravity works?”, “Why does the Universe expand at such a great rate?” and many more questions are answered with the theory of dark matter. 

Dark matter does not interrupt normal matter, nor does it fall apart in a black hole, and isn’t detected by a particle detector. These “X-factors” of dark matter show it has some special properties that make scientists much more curious about it. Our understandings about dark matter are minuscule and our standard model of physics cannot answer all the questions regarding it. 

Fundamental Particles are the basic particles that can’t be further divided. Bosons are the type of force carriers or interactors. Higgs Boson, which was discovered recently is a type of Boson. Fermion is a category of elementary particles, which have less mass than Bosons and are termed as building blocks of normal matter. Dark Matter is predicted to exist as a part of Boson. Many more types of Bosons are theorized such as “Gravitons”, “God particles” and “Negative massed particles” which are termed to be Dark Matter, as we have no idea and proof of its existence rather than theories.

The scientists from Spain and Germany, explain in their study, “One of the most significant examples is the so-called hierarchy problem, the question why the Higgs Boson is much lighter than the characteristics scale of gravity. The standard model can’t accommodate some other observed phenomena. One of the most striking examples is the existence of dark matter.”

The “Warped Extra Dimension” or WED is a trademark of a popular physics model, firstly introduced in 1999, to explain the long-lasting dark-matter problem within particle physics. The new study seeks to explain the presence of dark matter using the WED model. Scientists studied fermion masses, which they believed could be communicated into the fifth dimension through portals, creating dark matter relics and “Fermionic Dark Matter” within the fifth dimension.

Principally, a key piece of mathematics creates bulk masses of fermions that are manifested in the so-called fifth-dimensional warped space. This pocket “Dark Sector” is one possible way to explain the vast amount of dark matter that so far has eluded detection using any traditional method. Fermions jammed through a portal to a warped fifth dimension could be acting as dark matter.

Through this discovery, our viewing aspects can be changed totally. The “Theory Of Everything” can be made, if the discovery of Dark Matter succeeds. 





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