Wichita State Student Senator called to resign after suggesting the board honor anti-socialist advocate

Many students are calling for the resignation of a student government school association senator in response to a Women’s History Month post on social media that supported Morgan Zegers– the founder & CEO of Young Americans Against Socialism, a popular conservative political pundit, and a prominent anti-socialist advocate.

On Thursday, March 25th, students called for the resignation of Wichita State’s Olivia Gallegos. They expanded, threatening that if Gallegos doesn’t either step down or be removed from her position by 5pm on Friday, then the group of students would file a report of violation of conduct against her and make her face expulsion. Reportedly, conflict between Olivia Gallegos and her fellow Wichita State students arose when, a week earlier, the board asked Gallegos to choose a woman she thought was a strong female, thus choosing Morgan Zegers. 

The post also commended Janet Jackson and Shoshana Zuboff. The Wichita State SGA account posted the graphic on March 26th. A week after being posted, in response to Zegers’ inclusion on the post, students demanded the post be deleted and Olivia Gallegos resign from her position. 

Reportedly, the students claimed that Zegers’ inclusion promoted “white supremacy, Nazism, and Fascism,” despite Zegers advocating against authoritarianism on both the right and left. The group of students has threatened to file reports to the school that claim Olivia Gallegos promoted “white supremacy” and a “hateful environment.” Thus, such controversy would not only make Gallegos face removal from her position but could also make her face departure from the university. 

Zegers personally thanked Gallegos and the student board for including her, tweeting “Thanks for including me, I appreciate you guys showing a diverse array of background and thought!” Zegers later reacted to the various accusations and threats against Olivia Gallegos in a video, stating, “So, I get those attacks quite often on social media. Leftists usually call us at YAAS these slurs and throw these ad hominem attacks around quite often. However, what’s different here is that they’re bringing it to real life in trying to force and threaten this senator to resign.”

Zegers also refuted several of the students’ claims that she stood for ‘white supremacy,’ stating “Again, I’m an average conservative. I am specifically against socialism– I run a nonprofit called Young Americans Against Socialism– and my biggest message is always to bring Republicans, conservatives, Democrats, and liberals together on that base of classical liberalism and capitalism.” Additionally, Zegers expressed her opinions on the threats against Olivia Gallegos, stating, “I feel incredibly terrible for this young woman. We, at YAAS, are actively paying attention to what’s happening.” Lastly, Zegers encouraged conservatives and liberals to stand up for Gallegos, stating, “we have to protect and defend students on college campuses being attacked for their basic American values.”

Despite the various objections to Olivia Gallegos, reportedly, she has not resigned. 





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