Wisconsin assembly passes resolution to authorize investigation into state’s 2020 presidential election

On Tuesday, the Republican controlled Wisconsin Assembly passed a resolution to authorize an investigation into the state’s 2020 presidential election which President Biden won by fewer than 21,000 votes.

Democrats in the Assembly opposed the resolution which seeks to give the committee authorization if it decides they need to issue subpoenas to hear testimony and gather evidence, said Rep Joe Sanfilippo, the vice-chairman of the Assembly elections and campaign committee that would oversee the probe. The narrow 2020 election result has already been reaffirmed by a partial recount and several lawsuits levied by Trump’s team which ended up being tossed by state and federal courts. Audits and recounts also found that there were no serious problems with the state’s voting machines for both the 2016 and 2020 presidential elections.

The resolution passed by 58-35 along party lines, with all Republicans in support and all Democrats in opposition. Its passage comes after Republicans ordered an audit of the election results last month with the aim of gathering more evidence to see if any electoral laws had been breached. However, Democrats claim they were only trying to score political points, undermining the public’s faith in elections, and insulting the state’s election clerks and poll workers. Earlier this month, Republicans also raised concerns over how the election was administered in the Green Bay area. The elections committee did hold hearings but none of those election officials accused of wrongdoing were invited to testify. The city’s Mayor Eric Genrich called the committee hearing a “Stalinist show trial” whilst defending his city’s handling of the election.

At a news conference on Tuesday Rep Sanfilippo said that it was in everyone’s best interests to be forthcoming and open, and that he hoped the committee wouldn’t need to subpoena anyone to get them to testify, something that hasn’t been carried out by the state’s legislative committee in at least half a century. Republicans in the Assembly have also introduced a series of election related bills which would address many of the issues raised by Trump. The bills would limit the number of ballot drop boxes; require absentee voters to provide ID for every election; limit who can automatically receive absentee ballots for every election; prohibit election officials from completing missing information on the certification envelopes returned by voters that contain absentee ballots, and  create more paperwork for those who vote early in the clerk’s offices [Associated Press].





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