NY nursing home visited by state’s Health Department after employee criticized Cuomo’s executive order

A New York nursing home received a visit from the state’s Department of Health Tuesday after an employee called Governor Andrew Cuomo’s executive order ‘ridiculous’.

Michael Kraus, the administrator of the Silver Lakes Specialized Care Center in Staten Island, New York, called Governor Cuomo’s executive order of requiring nursing homes to take in COVID-19 patients “ridiculous.” “I said that’s ridiculous. We can’t be doing this. It’s just not right to the residents,” Kraus said in an interview by Fox News’s Aishah Hasnie on “America Reports.” 

According to Kraus, the visit started around 9 in the morning Tuesday and lasted until 3 in the afternoon to investigate a missing dementia patient. “So far it seems to be just a coincidence and not retaliation,” Kraus told Fox News via text.

On March 25th of last year, Andrew Cuomo issued an executive order requiring nursing homes to admit COVID-19 patients. More than 15,000 people have died because of coronavirus in nursing homes. Governor Cuomo has been under investigation by the FBI for his handling of nursing homes during the coronavirus pandemic. Cuomo responded to the investigations and criticisms with this, “COVID did not get into the nursing homes by people coming from hospitals. COVID got into the nursing homes by staff walking into the nursing homes when we didn’t even know we had COVID.”

Andrew Cuomo may also be impeached, with his handling of nursing homes being part of the reason. Judiciary Committee Chair Charles Lavine, a Democrat, told members of the committee and lawyers that the impeachment investigation will take “months, rather than weeks” and has not set a deadline. New York’s Democratic State Assemblyman Ron Kim had comments on Governor Cuomo’s handling of nursing homes at his uncle’s funeral, who died at a nursing home after getting coronavirus symptoms. “This is about decent human beings coming together taking on the most powerful politician in the state of New York because together decency will win,” he said. “And together we will get to the truth. And that’s why I know–I know that this governor will be held accountable, that I know that his reign of abusive power will end soon. Because there are way too many decent people in the city of New York to let this guy go unchecked.”

House Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY) was on Fox News on February 14th to talk about Andrew Cuomo’s handling of nursing homes, “We want answers, we want accountability, and we’re not asking for it for any of us,” he said. “It’s for the thousands of families of dead New York seniors demanding this accountability on behalf of their loved one.”





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