BREAKING: First photos released of migrant facilities in El Paso

The first photo inside the Central Processing Center for migrants in El Paso, Texas was obtained by Fox News as the southern border situation intensifies. 

The photo shows a mother and her two children, who were transported by the authorities from the Rio Grande Valley area, which was far beyond capacity in all of their facilities, to El Paso, undergoing an initial medical exam. This picture comes after Homeland Security Secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas, visited the El Paso facilities along with a bipartisan group of senators. 

A migrant apprehended when crossing the border said, “It’s not gonna stop, ever, it’s not gonna stop,” when asked if he thought more would come under the new administration. The situation at the border is still not thought of as a crisis at the White House, in fact Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi says “the Biden administration has this under control. It’ll take some time, but it is values-based, humanitarian in its aspects, pragmatic in how to… with a plan to get things done.” 

There were 30,077 apprehensions at the southern border in February 2020, however this February CPB (Customs and Border Protection) met 100,441 migrants, a 28% increase from January 2021, and carried out 72,113 deportations. Border Patrol Chief Chavez says “the highest population for the El Paso Sector is unaccompanied minors with a 96% increase compared to February 2020.” Under US law, CPB cannot deport children, so they’re temporarily held in facilities like the one in northeast El Paso, which has a capacity of 1,040 migrants. These facilities are exceeding capacity, creating an overcrowding issue hazardous during the coronavirus pandemic. The Biden administration is struggling to find more space and resources for those arriving and being held at the border. The Biden administration reportedly considers flying migrants to states near the Canadian border due to the influx of migrants and capacity issues at the southern border. The officials in El Paso, Texas have said there is no end insight until something changes. 

While the facts and statistics– regarding the situation unfolding on the southern border– are largely not disputed, there is much disagreement regard the cause of such a situation. Many conservatives have identified the correlation between the emergence of a new executive administration– the Biden Administration’s– new policies and the recent surge in migration on the southern border. Thus, many of them view the current crisis as the fault of immigration and border security policies imposed by the Biden Administration. However, many liberals have claimed that correlation does not always mean causation. Thus, many liberals have attributed the recent surge with a seasonal change. Which side is correct is not clear yet.





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