Donald Trump will be returning to social media on his own platform in 2-3 months, says Senior advisor

Jason Miller, a Senior Advisor to Former President Donald Trump, told Fox News that he thinks Trump will be “returning to social media in about 2 or 3 months” with “his own platform” that will “completely redefine the game.”

He continued, “Everybody is gonna be waiting and watching to see what exactly President Trump does but it will be his own platform.” Miller confirmed he has had “High Power” meetings with people at Mar-A-Lago and that there are multiple companies that have approached Trump and are making a new platform. This comes after Trump had been banned from specific media outlets that he previously utilized as a connection to tens of millions of followers, voters, and people across the world.

Following this announcement, people are anticipating the unveiling of a completely new platform in which they can reconnect with their Former President and continue to spread conservative conversation. Trump has continued to be politically active and has made numerous appearances on news outlets since the start of the new year but overall there is a lack of communication due to the ongoing battles to cure current platforms and create new platforms for conservatives who have been kicked off of social media providers like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Jason Miller also has generous expectations that “He’s [Trump] going to bring tens of millions of followers to the platform.”

Advisor Miller divulged that multiple companies have approached and have held meetings with Donald Trump at His Mar-a-Lago home which in turn has turned into his political headquarters since the Administration transition. “He has had over twenty Senators and over fifty Members of Congress, either call or make the pilgrimage to Mar-a-Lago to ask for President Trump’s endorsement.” Continuing to stay politically active has prompted eager hopes for conservatives both in public and government spheres as to what could possibly be for the future.

Miller’s closing remarks also left viewers with eager expectations as to what endorsement Trump plans to make for in Georgia on this upcoming Monday. “Pay attention to Georgia tomorrow, on Monday. There’s a big endorsement that’s coming that’s going to really shake things up in the political landscape in Georgia. It’s big. It’s coming tomorrow, and just be sure to tune in,” Miller said.





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