Canadian father arrested after calling transgender son female pronouns

A Canadian father, Robert Hoogland, was arrested after violating a court order, banning him from discussing the case publicly, and refusing to call his 14-year-old biological daughter, who identifies as male, his “son.” 

He was found in contempt of court and arrested Tuesday after calling him [his son] “she” and “her” rather than “he” and “him,” according to The Post Millennial, a Canadian website. Hoogland set up a fundraising website detailing information about the case in defiance of the court order. “The far left issued an arrest warrant on Thursday, March 04! I will be turning myself in on March 16,” is posted on Hoogland’s Go Get Funding page, which raised more than $22,000. 

The transgender male, who was born a biological female, identifies as a male and prefers the use of male pronouns. He has identified as male since the age of 11 and changed his name at 12 before pursuing hormone therapy. According to Global News, the father began litigation against his child’s mother, who are separated from one another, after learning of the transition. The matter was settled by the province’s highest court earlier this year. Hoogland opposed giving his child puberty blockers, fearful of him growing up and regretting his decision. 

The mother, who supports and encourages her son, medical system, and courts have endorsed blockers for the child. The Post Millennial reported Hoogland was arrested Tuesday after a judge issued a warrant saying he was in contempt of court. “Here I am, sitting there as a parent, watching a perfectly healthy child be destroyed, and there’s nothing I can do but sit on the sideline according to [the court],” said Hoogland. “I can only affirm, or get thrown in jail.” This seems to be an ongoing familial issue. Last December, Hoogland was ordered by a court to aid in his child’s gender transitioning and not refer to him as his “daughter,” but he refused. 

Chief Justice Robert Bauman and Justice Barbara Fisher had words to say on this matter. “[The father’s] refusal to respect [the boy’s] identity is troublesome.” “The father’s rejection of his son’s identity has caused the boy “significant pain” that’s “resulted in a rupture of what both parties refer to as an otherwise loving parent-child relationship,” the justices wrote. “They’ve created a delusion, and they’re forcing parents to live in this delusion,” said Hoogland. “What happens when the bubble explodes and the delusion ends? She can never go back to being a girl in the health body she should have had. These kids don’t understand. What kind of 13-year-old is thinking about having a family and kids.” 

This conflict of interests has brought with it much discussion regarding the protections of expression in Canada and the United States of America. Thus, many have debated whether gender transitions should be allowed under age 18. Some have argued that it is unjust and invasive for the government to regulate or restrict any individual’s decision in expressing/defining one’s gender identity. Contrastly, Robert Hoogland himself has described his perspective– as a father– regarding such an issue, saying, “They’re taking kids during school time out to get [hormone] shots. Parents don’t know what’s going on until it’s too late. They’re not even informing parents that their child is being “transitioned” anymore… This tells you how important this is to the government in their experimenting on children. But these kids are going to be handed a life sentence. It’s irreversible. They will be sterile. They won’t have families. A lot of them will eventually choose to commit suicide because you’re compounding their mental health issues with this. They’ve been falsely told that they can change from a girl to a boy, which is impossible, and now they’re somewhere in the middle. So my five years is nothing compared to the prison these kids are being put into for the rest of their lives.”





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