Biden administration orders illegal immigrants to be released into US without being tested for COVID-19

Alejandro Mayorkas, the Department of Homeland Security Secretary has recently admitted to accusations suggesting that the Biden Administration had ordered illegal immigrants be released into the US, despite not receiving testing for Covid-19

During the House Homeland Security Committee hearing on Wednesday, Georgia representative Andrew Clyde (R) pressed the secretary of Homeland Security, Mayorkas, on the issue. Clyde noted that the U.S. requires all international travelers show they’ve tested negative for Covid-19 within three days before they can enter the country, the New York Post reported. Clyde didn’t stop there, “There appears to be a more lenient standard for foreign nationals crossing our border illegally than for American citizens.” 

The Republican congressman didn’t let Mayorkas off the hook as he continued on to point out two instances in which migrants had tested positive for the virus and then were released into those communities, the New York Post reports. Mayorkas admitted “there were instances in which individuals were released.” He then went on to say that those particular instances resulted in additional practices “to plug any hole”.

The instances he is referring to are reported to have led the CEO of Greyhound bus company to send a letter to Mayokas demanding that all undocumented asylum- seekers released by DHS show proof that they are Covid free before they’re able to enter their buses, reported by The Border Report. This was after it was learned that at least 108 migrants that had been apprehended by US customs had tested positive for the virus at the bus station. He went on to say that “Our top priority is the safety of our employees and passengers.” The Greyhound President continued, saying, “We need assurance that any detainees released by ICE have proof of a negative Covid-19 test.” Many conservatives and moderates have expanded upon this sentiment, claiming that the American people deserve this type of assurance. 

There has been much debate regarding the severity of the current crisis, thus, preventing much discussion across the aisle regarding possible solutions to it. While many conservatives have suggested that President Biden’s immigration policies have engaged such a crisis on the border, many liberals do not see the situation as a crisis. 

However, both sides seem to agree that when releasing illegal immigrants into our home towns and communities, it is important that the proper testing is done in advance. In the upcoming weeks, both liberal and conservative Governors will need to observe the situation and seek answers from HLS. 




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