US-Mexico Border crossings hit highest number in over 20 years under Biden administration

This month, the Biden Administration’s new immigration policies has resulted in hundreds of thousands of people flooding across the United States’ southern border from Mexico: the largest numbers in 20 years.

Due to the high influx of migrants crossing the U.S. southern border, border facilities are overflowing with families, individual children, and adults. Reportedly, on average, Customs and Border Protection are receiving about 565 unescorted children daily: a jump from 313 last month (NBC News). It’s reported that some of these children are as young as 6 years old. 

With the number of people at the border climbing exponentially, U.S. border patrol find themselves in a tough situation, as currently FEMA works on building “Decompression Centers” in the Dallas and Midland areas for these children. These facilities are designed to hold detained children in until border patrol can decide what needs to be done with them moving forward. Such facilities will hopefully be able to take care of the children in an ethical way, until sponsors are found for them, and they can move new kids in.

With the migrant holdings systems becoming strained by the massive numbers of migrants, resources are largely being depleted while border officials are hastily trying to work with what they have. It’s said that when resources run this low, border officials resort to trying to send people back to Mexico, but are currently having a hard time picking who gets to stay and who gets to leave. It’s been expressed by the Biden Administration that such facilities are being built with the intent to hold children that are coming to the United States alone, without parents or relatives taking care of them.

For adults the situation is a little different, especially because the Border Patrol needs to take account for the Covid-19 Pandemic. Many of the Officials are wary of taking in too many adults for fear of bringing in more cases of the virus that can potentially spread throughout parts of the country.

At the moment individual adults, meaning those traveling alone, are allegedly sent back to Mexico almost immediately, and the same goes for families that are coming from Mexico. This is, of course, until Mexico itself reaches its capacity. This, however, is a growing fear for officials, especially given the dense number of people currently making their way to the border. Border agents have had to expel 100,441 people at the border in February alone, which is the highest number of people since 2019. 

However, most of the people turned away are those traveling alone or without families, or children. It’s said that the main issue in this situation is related to the influx of migrants that the US border patrol is receiving, especially those with individual children coming alone. It’s been expressed that even if resources at the border are being exhausted, the situation is becoming dire. Thus, some are worried that if the Biden Administration cannot manage to get the situation under control, more people are going to have to be sent back to where they originally came from.





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