Man murders girlfriend and three others over $1,400 COVID stimulus check

Malik Halfcare has recently been convicted for the murder of four individuals, including his girlfriend, over a $1,400 stimulus check.

On Saturday, Malik Halfacre was in a heated argument with his girlfriend, J.M., wanting a portion of her stimulus check. Wendy Johnson, J.M.’s cousin, reported that J.M. offered $450 of the stimulus check. However, Halfacre wanted half of the check and when he didn’t get exactly what he wanted, he shot his girlfriend and the other three residents of the house, totaling in four murders. 

According to the affidavit, after shooting everyone, Halfcare took his now-deceased girlfriend’s check, purse, and car and went on the run. Halfacre also dropped his 6 month-old baby off at his sister’s house. However, when he left his baby with his sister, he also told her that he killed four people, according to the affidavit. By Monday the 15th, Halfacre was caught and arrested less than five miles away from the crime scene hiding in a friend’s attic. The authorities have not made any formal charges yet. Currently, it’s been reported that Malik Halfacre is complying with authority. 

The violent Halfacre event could– and likely should– make state representatives observant of the hardships facing their citizens and the conflicts that could emerge from them. For many Indiana residents, it has been rough and it has been hard financially. The United States Census Bureau says that in 2019 Indianapolis’s average household income was $47,873 and Indiana’s average household wage was $56,303. The “Neighborhood Scout,” a real estate data hub, reported that in 2020 Indianapolis was ranked as one of the highest crime rate cities in the United States. It was safer than only 4 percent of total cities. Annually, there were over 10,900 violent crimes committed last year in Indianapolis alone. Some factors that have played into this surge in crime were quarantine and lockdowns. Such factors likely played a role in the unfortunate and unjust deaths of the victims.

Despite lockdowns, rising crime, and a new need for money, over the past year Indiana has been one of the quickest states in reopening. Indystar reported in September that Indiana was opening on the basis of “level 5”. This means they will continue to have a mask mandate and try to socially distance but, everything is open at full capacity—that is 2021 full capacity. The only phase left in Indiana’s plan is restoring a sense of normalcy. As crime rose in Indianapolis and across the country in 2020, in part due to quarantine and lockdowns, Indiana initiated opening up earlier and still saw a crime rate rise.





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