Dick Durbin says congress won’t pass grant path to citizenship to 11 million illegal immigrants in US

Senate Judiciary Chairman Dick Durbin stated Monday that he doesn’t believe there is enough support in the current congress to pass a path to citizenship to the current 11 million illegal immigrants.

Durbin stated on CNN, “I don’t see a means for reaching that. I want it. I think we are much more likely to deal with discrete elements.” Durbin is the House majority whip which is the second highest position to be held. A bill like this would need a 60 Senator majority to overcome a likely GOP filibuster attempt. Many Democrats have been pushing to end the filibuster and pass legislation through a narrowly divided Senate with a 51 Senator majority. Many Democrats still oppose the calls to end the filibuster meaning it will likely stay for a period. Durbin stated that it would be much more likely that congress would pass specific pieces of immigration rather than one comprehensive bill. Durbin specifically brought up bills proposed by Speaker Pelosi.

One bill provides a pathway to citizenship to illegal immigrants who have been in the country since they were children which are also known as “Dreamers” while the other bill focuses on legal protection for farm workers. “I think Speaker Pelosi has discovered she doesn’t have support for the comprehensive bill in the House,” Durbin said. Pelosi still wants to pass a comprehensive bill despite the current lack of support coming from the senate.

One senior GOP Senator, Lindsey Graham, has helped push bipartisan immigration in the past but currently does not support a possible immigration bill given the situation at the border. “We’re not doing an immigration bill,” Graham said. “I just don’t see the politics of it, It’s too out of control.” Senator Graham has also stated that he has yet to receive a call from President Biden. Currently there are over 3,000 migrant children in custody with an average of 3,000 illegal immigrant encounters by ICE each day. One Democrat Senator Joe Manchin has also called the situation a crisis. Republican House members visited the border on Monday to address the crisis and call on President Biden to take action.





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