Biden administration to hold over 3,000 immigrant teens in Dallas convention center

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) will use a convention center in downtown Dallas center to house over 3,000 immigrant teens, in response to the recent spike in immigration on the southern border forcing facilities to exceed holding capacity. 

Reportedly, the U.S. government will house teen migrants in Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center for a maximum of 90 days, according to Dallas City Council. The facility is said to be used as temporary housing for 15-17 year old boys. As a result of the sudden spike in numbers of children crossing the southern border and being detained, the HHS system has too many people and not enough available facilities. This is causing American Border Patrol to have to hold children longer than the general three days. Meanwhile, south of Dallas– in Donna, Texas– a border facility is reportedly holding 1,000 children. The conditions are reported to be harsh, as reported by children being held there when interviewed by lawyers.

The city of Dallas’ director of emergency management sent a memo to the Dallas City Council saying that FEMA and HHS will “be responsible for providing shelter management and contracts” for food, security, cleaning, and medical care at the convention center. This is not the first time Dallas has offered space to HHS, in 2014 they did the same during the surge of crossing of immigrant children. Teenagers began arriving overnight Sunday in Midland at a converted camp for oilfield workers where volunteers from the American Red Cross will care for them. 

The leader of such plans– President Joe Biden and his administration– have incorporated housing projects as a result of campaign promises to break the restrictive measure against migrants set forth by former President Donald Trump. Despite his promises, President Biden has not removed all of the former administration’s policies. Most notably, President Biden has stood by the expulsions of immigrant adults and families under the public-health declaration posed by the COVID pandemic. 

Despite the HHS lacking the capacity to process this many children, border agents have been apprehending, on average, more than 400 children a day. As a result of this, the Biden Administration has announced several policy changes to try and expedite releases, despite experts and immigration lawyers saying that the government speed up processes. 

Additionally, Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) commented on the Biden Administration’s immigration policies, Monday afternoon, claiming that “reckless open door policies have created a humanitarian crisis for unaccompanied minors coming across the border.” Abbott expanded upon this sentiment, saying that “his policies are risking the health and safety of Texans and putting children at risk from cartels and human traffickers.” As a result of the Biden Administration’s policies, Texas’ relationship with the national government has, undoubtedly, soured, thus hindering cooperation between the President and one of America’s largest states.





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