WATCH: Recent footage emerges showing huge lines of migrants being smuggled into Texas

Recent footage has emerged showing huge lines of migrants being smuggled into Texas.

The video shows a huge line of people going down the river and are led across to Texas by masked men. US border officials have revealed that the number of children crossing in a month at the US-Mexico border are near 30,000, which is much higher than previously reported. In just one month of February, the number of unaccompanied minors equals the number of the whole year of 2020. The number of illegal immigrants continues to grow with some facilities containing 700% of their capacity [NY Post].

The Biden administration has not commented on the issue. They’ve been criticized for their handling of the issue at the border. As well under President Biden, illegal immigrants have more incentive to come to the United States due to his policies. Roy stated, “For political purposes, they’re perfectly fine having open borders, Secure borders are pro-immigrant, pro-America and pro-our values. And the Biden administration doesn’t care” [Politico].

Texas Democrat Representative Henry Cueller stated that the surging numbers are “ a crisis for our local communities”. Even house minority leader Representative Kevin McCarthy has declared the situation at the border as “ Biden Border Crisis”. With both sides criticizing President Biden’s response to the border, it seems he will be faced with tackling the issue in coming weeks [Wall Street Journal].




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