Son of Daniel Prude files lawsuit against Rochester city police officers alleging wrongful death

Reportedly, Daniel Prude’s son is now filing a lawsuit in federal court for gross negligence and alleging wrongful death against the city of Rochester and police officers involved in his father’s death. 

The  41-year-old Black man, Daniel Prude, reportedly died in police custody last year. It’s said that “he was having a mental episode when officers handcuffed him, covered his head with a ‘spit sock’ and held him on the ground in a prone position.” Later, Prude was taken to a hospital where he died after stopping all brain functions nearly a week later. Prude’s family, on Monday, brought forth claims against the city of Rochester, accusing of wrongful death and civil rights violations.

The family claims in the suit in U.S. District Court that both the actions of the Rochester police and an “attempted cover-up” by the department and city government violated Prude’s constitutional rights, attorneys for the family said in a statement. A grand Jury in February declined to make charges against the officers. “My father had a hard life, but he was a great dad. He always showed me and my brother and sisters how much he loved us,” Prude’s oldest son, Nathaniel McFarland, said. “Our hearts are broken by his death, but this lawsuit has given us hope for the future.”

According to the complaint, “His family sought help from the Rochester police, and that was a mistake — a fatal mistake. Instead of providing him with care and assistance, officers of the Rochester Police Department cruelly abused him, mocked him, and killed him.” This case went unnoticed for 6 months until the new video body camera video from police showed the incident due to pressure from the family and now is the new reason for the reopening of the case.




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