Alex Jones allegedly threatened to throw a Trump rally organizer off a stage in December

Allegations have surfaced that Alex Jones, conservative political commentator and radio host of the show InfoWars, threatened to throw a Trump rally organizer off a stage.

According to those involved, the incident is reported to have occurred in December of 2020 in Washington, DC. The supposed victim, Kylie Jane Kremer, filed a report with DC police stating that someone, unnamed, “threatened to shove her off the stage at her event.” Kremer is executive director of the Women for America First organization which has organized numerous post-election Trump rallies and participated in the Stop the Steal movement efforts. Although the police report does not identify Jones, sources related to the case have come forward.

Three of the individuals “familiar with the incident” remained anonymous in their accusation of Alex Jones. A fourth source, Scott Johnston, who was Kremer’s driver on the day of the event, has reported that he witnessed the alleged threat from Jones inside the Willard Intercontinental hotel in DC on December 11 as he assisted Women for America First event organizers. “He [Jones] kept yelling, ‘I’m gonna do it. I’m gonna do it. I’m going to take over,’ you know, words along those lines,” Johnston said. All sources made their reports to CNN.

The incident illustrates potential polarization within the pro-Trump conservative movement. Although this is a single incident, the conflict of interest or different motives may deter the movement from succeeding in the singular objective of unifying America and maintaining freedom. Furthermore, the allegations against Jones perpetuate the public perception of him as an angry conspiracy-theorist. Marc Randazza, an attorney defending Jones, maintains that his defendant did not threaten Kremer. As of today, the police report of alleged “threats to do bodily harm” is under investigation according to a spokesperson for Washington’s Metropolitan Police Department. 




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