New report condemns LAPD’s “secret policing” response to George Floyd riots

A new report into the LAPD condemns the police’s misconduct during the protest and riots during the 2020 summer. These actions found were teams of police dressed as protesters, the leaders of the LAPD not knowing what their officers were doing, and minimal training on what to do. This led to many misconducts done by the officers during the Summer of 2020.

Starting in the summer of 2020– after the death of George Floyd– several protests, followed by riots, overtook the city of LA. During such riots, an independent examination investigated emerging accusations regarding claims of the Los Angeles Police Department 2020 protest response teams’ use of excessive force to handle the riots. Such claims reportedly accused the police of having undercover officers and secret police in the crowds. The accusations also describe the law-enforcement squads of being led by a “chaos of command,” in which the people in charge had no clue what was happening and contradicted each other. Expanding, such accusations reported that the squads had poor training that encouraged officers to resort to violent action, as opposed to negotiation. 

Following the independent examination, a 101 page document– going into detail on the claims– was publicly released. The document focuses on 3 main ideas regarding the police’s mishandling of the riots: secret police squads, reaction, and procedure. 

The use of undercover police, the documents found, there were little-to-no commands passed from the secret police squads back to the leaders. Additionally, they found that minimal training and/or procedural instruction– if any at all– was given to squad members regarding how to work and operate. The document also outlines reports of the LAPD forces failing to plan strategic responses before and after the protests turned into riots. Meanwhile, regarding the procedure executed by the LAPD, the examination found that they did not follow the basic principles of the incident command system. The examination found the LAPD had a lack of staffing until days after the riots, an absence of firm executive-action, and a lack of training with standard-issue weapons. Such weapons misused by the LAPD include the 40 mm eXact iMpact Sponge Rd .40mm Launcher, the .37mm Foam Baton Black Powder Round Launcher, the Beanbag Shotgun, and the .60 Caliber Rubber Hornets Nest Sting Ball Grenade Launcher. The LAPD’s lack of training with such weapons led to catastrophic misuse of such weapons, turning them into lethal weapons.

This examination of the LAPD role in the response to the Summer 2020 riots has largely fueled the country’s divisions present today. Their responses to these events is said to have one side of the political aisle advocating to “defund the police–” sometimes, even advocating to abolish the police. As every action has its equal opposite reaction, so does each political action; in this case, the other side promotes the idea that, if anything, the police needs more funding. Despite political divisions, due to the neutrality of the report, both political sides can come together on this evidence and decide what we should do with the future of the police. Such a compromise is crucial in ending political violence occurring in this country. 




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