Unaccompanied children crossing border passed 100,000 for the month of February

Following the federal policy put in place by the Biden administration, there has been an increase in illegal activity at the border.

Unaccompanied children crossing the border have also seen a steady increase and apprenisions are expected to be around 100,000 up from 78,000 in January. This crisis is testing the Biden administrations ability to quickly respond to a crisis and make policy decisions. In response to the policy decisions and illegal activity Governor Abbott (R-TX) has pledged to deploy 500 national guard troops which are expected to arrive at the end of the week and are already training to work in observation posts which will be in support of the Department of Public Safety, which is adding about 1,200 state police officers to the region.

“We will work to step up and try to fill the gap that the federal government is leaving open by making sure we deploy every resource, whether it be the Department of Public Safety or Texas National Guard, whatever we need to do. Texas is going to fight for the safety and security of our state,” Abbott said Tuesday during a news conference along the border in Mission, Texas. “There is a crisis on the Texas border right now with the overwhelming number of people coming across the border. This crisis is a result of President Biden’s open border policies. It invites illegal immigration and is creating a humanitarian crisis in Texas right now that will grow increasingly worse by the day,” Abbott said explicitly blamaling two of president bidens policys as the problem. 

About 3,600 active-duty service members and Guard troops from several states are already deployed at the border to help support US customs and border protections. This began under President Trump in 2018 and begins under President Biden. However this mission is entirely different. As Governor Abbott puts the safety of Texas first as he tries to help out with the crisis at the border he hopes to see some policy and changes at the federal level. In the meantime he is hoping that operation lone star can help calm things down at the border.




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