Possibility for criminal investigation after allegations of shredded ballots in Maricopa county

According to a county spokesman, there is a possibility for a criminal investigation being opened in connection to an attempted break-in of a warehouse used by Maricopa county’s election department.

The incident came to light Saturday after an individual by the name of Staci Burk posted multiple photos on social media alleging that shredded ballots were discovered in a dumpster outside the warehouse. Burk claimed that the ballots were connected to the 2020 General Election. These claims were quickly disputed by Megan Gilbertson who serves as the election department’s communications director. “Maricopa County has not, and would never destroy voted ballots until legally authorized to do so after the 24-month retention period,” said Gilbertson.

She also added that the vault is under 24-7 surveillance and that the group that took the pictures were on camera trying to break into the warehouse. “Security footage shows they attempted to break into the warehouse entrance of the Elections Department on Saturday with a board from the dumpster. Maricopa County plans to follow up with law enforcement about these activities.” Maricopa County Recorder Steven Richer also stated that the office does not use the yellow bags that allegedly held the ballots. Later in the day a fire broke out at one of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisor’s farms. It is still unknown if the incident is at all related to the alleged 2020 election ballots.

These photos are just the latest claims of election fraud that Burk has brought forward. In December 2020 Burk also attracted scrutiny and filed a lawsuit with Pinal County Superior Court in an unsuccessful attempt to challenge the election results in Maricopa County. Burk has also made claims of receiving threats for her attempts to uncover election fraud. Burk even posted to her personal Facebook page at the time that a personal security team had been “mobilized by (former National Security Advisor) General Mike Flynn at my house” because of the threats. Photos below show the alleged shredded ballots. They appear to be filled out with the names of multiple candidates.




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