Poll: Americans more concerned over summer violence than Jan 6 riot

A new Harvard/Harris poll of 1,800 people has found that the majority of Americans are more concerned about violent riots of last summer than the Capitol riots of January 6th.

When asked “Which do you find more concerning – the violence in American cities during the summer or the riots at the Capitol on January 6th?” 55% of respondents said they were more worried about the BLM riots as only 45% said that the Capitol riots were of more concern to them. The poll also found that people were more confident that the Capitol rioters would be punished compared to the summer rioters.

Of those polled, 65% said they believed “the perpetrators of violence at the U.S. Capitol will be found and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law”, whereas only 48% believed “the perpetrators of violence in America’s cities over the summer are being looked for and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.” The poll also revealed that Americans are more likely to admit that Antifa is a terrorist organization than the Proud Boys, with 71% saying they consider Antifa to be a domestic terrorist organisation compared to the 66% who said that the Proud Boys were domestic terrorists.

The results are undoubtedly a surprise given the excessive coverage of the Capitol riots compared to last year’s violence, along with the heavily skewed portrayal of the BLM riots as “mostly peaceful” even though the summer riots resulted in between 1 – 2 billion in property damages, 14,000 arrests and 19 deaths, much worse than any physical effects of the Capitol riots.




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  1. Disingenuous choices.

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