Federal judge orders release of prominent Proud Boy involved in Capitol riot

On Wednesday, a federal judge accepted the request to post bail of an Auburn-based member of the group “the Proud Boys” who was charged with the alleged planning and participation in the January 6th riot.

The Chief Judge of the District of Columbia, Judge Beryl Howell, accepted the request of the defendant – one Ethan Nordean – to post bail release and return to stand criminal trial for his role in organizing & fueling the January 6th riots at Capitol Hill. Despite fears of Nordean fleeing before trial and the recent emergence of new charges against Nordean for acting as the ‘de-facto’ leader of the group known as “the Proud Boys,” the Judge has commanded Nordean to be confined to home detention until his trial resumes. While Judge Howell claimed that “defendant poses a substantial risk of danger to the community,” he also suggested that there was not enough evidence to warrant keeping him in custody pre-trial. 

Ethan Nordean – also known as “Rufio Panman” – is currently being charged with the following federal crimes: obstructing an official proceeding, aiding and abetting injury to government property, disorderly conduct and knowingly and violently entering a restricted building. If found guilty, Nordean could face 40 years in a federal prison. Additionally, recent findings have identified Nordean as the ‘de-facto’ leader of the group’s role in the riots, thus, forming charges of conspiracy to defraud the government of the United States and of assault on a federal officer. If Nordean is connected to either one of these charges, he will face a life-sentence in prison.

Prosecutors on this case have argued that conspiratorial charges against Nordean will justify the Proud Boys organization to be officially recognized as a domestic terrorist group. The Proud Boys are currently already identified as a political extremist paramilitary group by the FBI. Prosecutors said that, “If nothing else, the events of January 6, 2021, have exposed the size and determination of right-wing fringe groups in the United States, and their willingness to place themselves and others in danger to further their political ideology.” While the defendant, Ethan Nordean, has largely remained silent, his father has commented on the trial: “We have tried for a long while to get our son off the path which led to his arrest today, to no avail. Ethan will be held accountable for his actions.”




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