Israel to hold legislative elections next month after failing to pass state budget

The Israel legislative elections are to be held March 23rd, 2021. This upcoming election is to decide the members of the Kessel, the national legislature of Israel.

Last year an agreement was put into place between two of the top three political parties in Israel known as the Likud and the Blue and White party. This coalition agreement states that elections are to be held 36 months after the new legislature was sworn into position. That would make May 23rd, 2023 the last possible election date. However, in December of 2020 their government failed to pass the state budget for 2020. In failing to do so that makes the current Knesset no longer valid and has new elections to be held this upcoming month. 

The current government in Israel has Reuven Rivlin as President and Benjamin Netanyahu as the head of government. Netanyahu has been the chairman for the Likud party since 1993 and was their candidate to be Prime Minister of Israel in 1996 in which he won and became the 9th Prime Minister serving until 1999. For a brief period he continued to be engaged in Israel’s government and has held various leadership positions. He resumed the position of Prime minister in 2009 and has been their leader since. Netanyahu is the longest serving Prime Minister in Israeli history. However, he has recently gotten into hot water due investigations for breach of trust, fraud, and bribery.

As the fourth election for Israel in under two years nears, the Likud party is currently leading with the most seats. The political parties Yesh Atid are second, and New Hope is a close third. Netanyahu is sending out broadcasts about why it is important to vote for a Likud representative saying that it is the best decision because he is a peacemaker and is hoping that the Covid-19 vaccination campaign will help him. Netanyahu still has a good standing in the polls however his rivals are working hard to compete. According to the Los Angeles Times, “Many Israelis believe that Netanyahu’s overriding goal is to assemble a parliamentary supermajority that he hopes will freeze, or even annul, the criminal proceedings underway against him.”  Last year, Netanyahu refused to pass the budget which is why Israel is having this election, so, going forward many are questioning if he would be a good fit as the future prime minister.

Netanyahu’s relationship with President Trump helped with his elections because it displayed that the United States was their ally, and it was appreciated. A big question for this election is how his relationship with Joe Biden, the current United States President will be. Netanyahu and Gantz are currently serving as co-prime ministers until the upcoming March election. There are hopes that this situation will not happen again and that there will not have to be a fifth election sooner than it is supposed to happen. 




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