Here’s What We Know So Far About the Investigation Into The United Boeing 777 Engine Failure

Here’s What We Know So Far About the Investigation Into The United Boeing 777 Engine Failure

On February 22nd, passengers aboard United Airlines Flight No. 328 1995 Boeing 777-222 flying from Colorado to Hawaii were suddenly shaken by a massive “BANG” that sent shockwaves throughout the 239-person airliner. What followed the bang, just minutes after the flight had left Denver International Airport, was a period in which debris from the plane’s exploded right PW3077 engine. As debris from the plane rained down on Broomfield below, the pilot circle south, then east, then radioed DIA to make an emergency landing.

While the plane quickly made an emergency landing, passengers aboard the flight recorded shocking videos of the plane’s burning engine and the fearful energy that encompassed the cabin. At 1:29 pm, the plane successfully landed. Later, pieces from the plane were found throughout Broomsville, as two massive engine blades were found in a soccer field. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is currently leading the investigation on these events.

While these events are incredibly frightening, it’s noted that investigators found the response to be swift, as Rachel Welte – the Police spokesman – said, “We dispatched police officers and within minutes we actually were on scene of some of these homes, and we actually saw some of these large pieces of debris.” Additionally, it’s important to note that no passengers nor Broomville citizens were injured by the events that unfolded. Expanding, Welte vocalized her gratitude for the lack of casualties, saying, “the fact that we are still not getting reports of any injuries is absolutely shocking at this point.”




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