Recent poll from USA Today shows Republicans prefer Trump to GOP 2 to 1

In a recent poll conducted by USA Today at Suffolk University showed how Republicans feel about the leadership and situation of their party.

The poll asked a group of Republicans one question: What if Trump started his own party? Would you support it? Yes or no? In response to the question, if a “Trump Party” were to be formed, the poll found that nearly 2 Republicans to every 1 would support said party. Furthermore, it was found that, if Trump split from the Republican Party, approximately 46% of current Republicans would support a “Trump Party” over the established GOP Republicans, while a reported 27% would support the GOP, along with an additional 27% of Republicans who were unsure if they’d support a Trump Party or the established Republican Party.

The former-president, Donald Trump, has vocalized much dissatisfaction with certain establishment figures of the GOP Republican Party. Thus, a “Trump Party” is not entirely a new idea. For example, Trump’s populist phrase, “Drain the Swamp” largely advocates to ‘cleanse’ the party– or “swamp”– of establishment/corporate politicians who’ve held the same elected office for years or even decades. As a result of this, many GOP corporate Republicans have even considered leaving the established Party.

The disconnect between the Republican Party’s two factions is clear. In the two factions, the National Populist faction– led by Trump– and the GOP Conservative faction– led by Liz Cheney– are no better illustrated than in the recent impeachment trial vote, in which 10 Republican Congressmen voted to convict the former-president Trump. Such a split between the party would give a supermajority to the Democratic Party. Trump himself has leveled in on such an idea privately, as close associates of Trump have reported that Trump has discussed forming his own party. According to these sources, as reported by the Wall Street Journal, Trump would like to call such a party “the American Patriot Party” or “the MAGA Party.”

Democrats have also weighed in on such a party split. While many Democrats have in mind such a supermajority that could unfold, other Democrats have a different agenda. Similarly to the situation in the Republican Party, not all Democrats are on the same page. Thus, a Republican party split could grant the security for a faction in the Democratic Party to form their own party. There is a clear split in the Democratic Party between a Social Progressive faction largely led by Sen. Bernie Sanders and a Market Liberal faction perceived to be led by the Biden Administration. In all, if Trump were to form his own “Patriot Party,” it would potentially change the Republican Party, the Democratic Party, and the country as a whole.




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