Georgia Election Board looking into prosecution of voter-registration group chaired by Senator Warnock

The Georgia State Election Board is looking into a criminal prosecution of the voter-registration group “The Georgia Project” and its chairman Senator Raphael Warnock on nearly 1,270 accounts of voter fraud.

Among 35 other cases of violations of election procedure, the New Georgia Project case is being sent to the Georgia State General Attorney’s office for review. The New Georgia Project, originally founded by Georgia Democrat Stacy Abrams, is facing criminal charges for reportedly submitting a confirmed number of 1,268 voter registration permits after the 10-day deadline set by the Georgia State Election Board. On Wednesday, Feb. 10th, the Georgia State Election Board, in a vote led by State Secretary Brad Raffensperger, unanimously voted to move forward with the case and a formal prosecution.

Raffensperger commented on the case, saying, “Georgia has multiple safeguards in place that allow our team of investigators to discover fraudulent voting,” he said. “They worked to catch the wrongdoing in these cases, and they maintain the security of Georgia elections.” The New Georgia Project previously faced charges of voter fraud in the battleground state when they were accused of forging a number of signatures and the submission of incomplete/falsified forms. Additionally, Raffensperger accused Abrams and the New Georgia Project of registering New York voters for Georgia elections– a claim that was refuted by Georgia Project CEO Nse Ufot, who said that they didn’t mail voter registration forms, instead, claiming that they sent postcards to NY volunteers who would then mail them to potential Georgia voters. These new allegations brought against the New Georgia Project will likely inspire the reopening of previous cases against them.

Georgia, a major battleground state, was one of the final states to confirm their votes, officially confirming their votes nearly 20 days after election day. Additionally, the Georgia election was won by Democrat Joe Biden by nearly 1,500 votes, while the case against the New Georgia Project accuses 1,268 votes of being fraudulent and/or falsified. Georgia Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock, chairman of the New Georgia Project has reportedly failed to respond to the charges and/or any allegations of voter fraud. Warnock has since been identified as a respondent in the case, while Attorney General Chris Carr investigates the case to determine to bring charges and sentencing for Warnock and all involved parties.




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