Journalist Glenn Greenwald claims Facebook is censoring COVID-19 information they disagree with

During a Fox News interview, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Glenn Greenwald claimed that Facebook is removing all posts concerning COVID-19 vaccination that deviate from the platform’s accepted stance on the matter.

Greenwald, one of the first journalists to report on the Edward Snowden documents on US mass surveillance, said that Facebook is censoring content regarding COVID-19 that does not align with the platform’s stance on the issue. Facebook claims that their decision was influenced by public health authorities, however Greenwald claims this is not a valid excuse. “Everything they do​,​ these liberal guardians of ​orthodoxy and piety​,​ is about trying to make you think that they have a monopoly on objective truth by calling it science. Science is a human study​,​ which means it’s fallible​,​ and exactly as you said, it is extremely dangerous to say that any kind of human knowledge is so unchallengeable to being discussed that it’s off-limits from even being questioned,” he told Tucker Carlson.

Although 60% of Americans agree that getting vaccinated will be a great step forward (according to Pew Research Center), Greenwald made the case that confidence in one stance can only be secured if other opinions are out on the “free and open internet” to be explored. “B​ut if the internet were a place where no dissent were allowed, I would have way less confidence in that ability because that would mean this is a profession that isn’t confident enough to allow dissent​,​ and if they’re not confident enough to allow dissent, I think that they earn much less trust and faith in their pronouncements,” Greenwald said in regards to the integrity of information outlets.

Facebook has said it would expand its crackdown on dissenting vaccine claims, while at the same time offering information about how and where to get the shots. The social media giant said it will pull posts that claim the vaccines are in​ef​fective, cause a variety of ailments, or are toxic. “Health officials and health authorities are in the early stages of trying to vaccinate the world against COVID-19, and experts agree that rolling this out successfully is going to be helping build confidence in vaccines,” ​said ​​​Kang-Xing Jin, Facebook’s head of health​.

Outlets like Facebook and Twitter have begun to lose much trust in the conservative community. According to a Pew Research Center survey, out of 73% of US adults that believe social media outlets target specific opinions for censorship, approximately 90% of that 73% were Republicans. This was seen before the presidential election when Facebook and Twitter were removing posts related to Joe Biden and his family while the FBI was concerned that some claims on the internet could pose a threat, such as the story about Hunter Biden’s laptop.




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