Biden appointee for head of Management and Budget apologizes for past statements about Republicans

President Biden has appointed Neera Tanden to head up the office of Management and Budget recently, an appointment that has received criticism from Republicans due to her past statements and insults towards conservatives.

In one instance, Tanden stated that vampires have more of a heart than Senator Ted Cruz, as well as calling Mitch McConnell “Moscow Mitch.” However, Tanden recently issued an apology towards all of those she had called out as well as deleting more than 1,000 tweets she had posted in the past. “I deeply regret and apologize for my language and some of my past language. I recognize that this role is a bipartisan role, and I know I have to earn the trust of senators across the board,” she said during her confirmation hearing before the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee [NY Post].

“You wrote that Susan Collins is, quote, ‘the worst.’ That Tom Cotton is a fraud. That vampires have more heart than Ted Cruz. You called leader McConnell ‘Moscow Mitch’ and ‘Voldemort,'” complained Sen. Rob Portman, “How do you plan to mend fences and build relationships with members of Congress you have attacked through your public statements?” Tanden has denied that she deleted the tweets as a cover-up, stating “I deleted tweets because I regretted my tone and I’ve deleted tweets over many months… But for those concerned about my rhetoric and my language, I’m sorry, and I’m sorry for any hurt that they’ve caused.” However, this apology has earned some scrutiny from other Republicans. Senator Rob Portman noted there were still “nine pages of tweets about Sen. Ted Cruz.” At the hearing, Tanden informed Senator Ron Johnson that “nobody advised me” to delete the tweets.

Senator James Lankford stated to Tanden that after a review of her tweets, it was concluded that Tanden had used the social media platform even more frequently than Donald Trump, who has been repeatedly bashed by Democrats for using Twitter too much as well as not speaking kind words while using the platform, “You actually tweeted more in the past four years than President Trump tweeted as far as just numbers. And it’s been pretty hostile, obviously. You’ve called Republicans ‘criminally ignorant,’ ‘corrupt’ and ‘the worst,’” Lankford said [GPB].




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