Majority of Americans are in favor of convicting former President Trump, according to CBS News Poll

The majority of Americans are in favor of convicting former president Donald Trump in the Senate impeachment trial, according to a CBS News poll.

The poll, reported by CBS News Tuesday morning, found that opinions about the merit of the impeachment charges fell largely among partisan lines. The poll found that 88% of Democrats believe the former president encouraged the violence at the capitol, compared to 21% of Republicans and 54% of Independents. This comes after a vast majority of Senate Republicans voted to call the impeachment trial unconstitutional, with all Democrats and five Republicans deciding it was constitutional. 

71% of Republicans said in the poll that Republican Congressmen who vote to impeach or convict are disloyal to the party, compared to 29% who said the move is principled. A combined 73% of Republicans also said loyalty to Trump in the Republican Party was either “Somewhat Important” or “Very Important.” 70% of Republicans also said either “Yes” or “Maybe” when asked if they would join a political party formed by Donald Trump. 

Former President Trump’s attorneys continue to call this impeachment process unconstitutional, while pointing to Trump’s calls for peace during his speech leading up to the January 6 riot as evidence he didn’t incite violence. Democrats are making the case that the capitol riot was the natural result of Trump’s rhetoric regarding the election. The impeachment trial in the Senate began Tuesday morning. As of this writing, Former President Trump is not expected to testify. 




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  1. I for one do not approve of this impeachment because he did not do anything wrong except be a business man. He showed people just show crooked the Democrat party was and is. They have all become very rich while being in their congress, senate or house representatives. They are owned by the communist party if you don’t believe that you have been totally brain washed. I am sorry if I offended anyone but better you than me.

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