ACLU announces 2021 agenda for ‘systemic racial equality’ that includes a proposal for reparations

On Monday, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) announced its 2021 agenda for ‘systemic racial equality’ that includes a proposal for reparations.

Deborah Archer, the first black woman to be elected President of the ACLU, leads the charge in promoting the 2021 ACLU’s “Systemic Equality Agenda.” Archer seeks to use the 2021 platform as a means of expanding the ACLU’s Racial Justice Programs (RJPs) and their mission in challenging racial discrimination in education, housing, policing, wages, and criminal justice. However, the main focus of the ACLU’s platform is centered around demanding legislation on funding a commission to study initiatives regarding reparations for African Americans.

The ACLU’s proposed piece of legislation is sponsored by Texas’ Representative Sheila Jackson Lee (D). In addition to funding a commission for exploring initiatives for reparations, the ACLU seeks to use their platform to implement the following: (1) establish post offices in predominately African American, Latino, and Native American rural communities with no banks. (2) protect voting rights for minorities (3) expand broadband data transmission networks, in order to fight racial segregation (4) expand programs of student loan forgiveness for racial minorities (5) implement new housing policies that fight former systems of racial segregation (6) invest $40 million to fight systemic racism and expand staffing in the former-Confederate states in the Deep South.

The ACLU has been vocal in its opinion of the Trump Administration’s policies as ‘backwards steps’ towards racial justice, as they sued the administration 413 times for their travel restrictions. Meanwhile, the newly elected leaders of the Biden-Harris Administration have been vocal advocates for tackling issues of systemic racism and have made many promises to fund efforts in solving them. However, Archer and the ACLU have been weary of the recent change in leadership, saying that they will also sue the Biden-Harris Administration if they fail to pursue an agenda of racial equity. Shown by their comments, Archer and the ACLU seek to use the new “Systemic Equality Agenda” in holding the Biden-Harris Administration to their promises made during the campaign. 




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