IRS announces they mistakenly told over 100,000 Americans they are ineligible for stimulus checks

The IRS mistakenly told over 100,000 people in the United States that they are ineligible for stimulus checks.

More than 109,000 people in the United States got a CP21C letter from the IRS saying, “We applied a credit to your 2007 tax account due to new legislation. We used (offset) all or part of your economic stimulus payment to pay your federal tax as the law allows … As a result, you don’t owe us any money, nor are you due a refund.” People were incorrectly sent these letters stating they are ineligible for stimulus checks, which were given as part of the Covid-19 relief bill. This has caused confusion among many Americans who have been patiently waiting for their stimulus checks [Forbes].

The IRS later issued a statement concerning the issue which states “This notice is not accurate for anyone who received it. Since no payment was issued, no offsets occurred. We apologize for the confusion this may have caused. You can disregard the notice.” This means most likely that the stimulus bills ( which many may not have received yet ) will continue to go out to Americans. This is another mistake by the IRS after they admitted to accidentally sending the previous $1200 stimulus checks to Non-Americans overseas [NPR].

National Taxpayer Advocate Erin Collins stated on his blog “It’s very disheartening … I know that the IRS has its struggles, and we are all trying to be patient because of the pandemic. But at the same time, these are things that just shouldn’t be happening.” Erin believes that the letters the IRS issued may have accidentally been from the authorized checks during The Great Recession, not the checks approved recently for the Pandemic. He blames these mistakes on the antiquated IRS information technology systems which use obsolete programming language and has called for a complete overhaul of the IRS’ IT infrastructure. Erin has called for the “IRS to continue to provide relief to vulnerable individuals to the maximum extent possible.” As of now, these letters are considered a mistake and should be disregarded [Newsmax].




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