11 Iranian nationals arrested at Southern border, illegal border crossings at “crisis levels”

Former Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf said illegal border crossings were at “crisis levels” during an interview on Fox & Friends Friday morning.

Wolf made his comments about the border situation, which he called “very dangerous,” while discussing the news that 11 Iranian nationals were arrested at the border after crossing the US-Mexico border Monday evening. Wolf stated that US Customs & Border Patrol is facing “over 3,000, …coming across the border illegally every day.” Wolf referred to that number as a “crisis,” after citing comments made by former DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson in 2019, when Johnson said in an NBC interview that if CBP faced over 1,000 apprehensions a day, “it was a relatively bad number,” and that number “overwhelms the system.” 

According to Wolf, the increase is the result of President Joe Biden’s immigration policies “sending a signal” to foreign nationals that illegal immigration will be accepted. President Biden has signed a number of executive orders regarding immigration since he took office January 20, including a halt to border wall construction, a stop to the “Remain in Mexico Program” and a moratorium on some deportations to divert resources to processing asylum claims. His proposed immigration bill, called the US Citizenship Act of 2021, would create a process for undocumented immigrants to apply for temporary legal status, who could later apply for green cards.

Wolf is not the only major figure to criticize President Biden’s immigration policy this week. Newsweek reported Thursday that 160 immigration and criminal justice advocacy groups from across the United States have said his immigration policies “fall seriously short.” Other pro-immigration groups have praised his early actions. Ali Nooran, President of the National Immigration Forum, said Tuesday: “The positive steps the administration is taking must be the beginning, not an end unto themselves.” Chad Wolf served as Acting Secretary of Homeland Security from November 2019 until his resignation in January 2021.




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