Two Lexington County drug busts net almost 100 pounds of marijuana, police say

Two Lexington County drug busts netted nearly 100 pounds of marijuana, police say.

Police officers from the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department managed to stack multiple bags of marijuana after the drug was found at two Lexington County busts that weighed almost 100 pounds. Along with other drugs, cash and guns were also found at the scene. The first bust occurred on Thursday after the police department received a tip regarding potential drug activities that was occurring at two Lexington County busts.

The  home was raided by narcotics on Thursday. Upon arriving they spoke with 26-year-old Javier Ayala. The smell of marijuana was picked up by deputies as they spoke with the 26 year old. 90 pounds of marijuana, four handguns and $26,000 in cash were found at the place. Javier Ayala has been charged with marijuana trafficking and weapon possession during a violent crime, as trafficking marijuana is considered a violent crime in South Carolina.

On Friday, police tried to pull over a driver who didn’t make a full stop for a stop sign. Upon seeing this, the driver sped off whislt the officers chased the vehicle. After trying to make a turn the driver ran into a ditch stopping his escape. He tried to make a run for it although it was quickly cut short by police officers. 10 pounds of marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine and other controlled substances as well as drug paraphernalia were found in the car. The man with seven offenses related to selling drugs as well as refusing to stop when he was signalled to pull over as well as driving with a suspended license.




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