Virginia Board of Supervisors to prohibit sharing of information between civil servants and ICE

he Fairfax County, Virginia Board of Supervisors voted to prohibit voluntary sharing of information between civil servants and Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

The decision that was made this week and has already resulted in the suspension of a Virginia Police Officer for alerting ICE regarding a man who was wanted for missing his deportation hearing. The county is the first to enact such a policy, the Public Trust and Confidentiality act. The Trust Policy will “reassert what the role of local government is and the desire we have as a community to assist all people and to allow all people to come forward with the confidence that” Fairfax County is working “with them and not against them,” said the Fairfax BOS Chairman Jeffrey McKay. 

The policy would prohibit any cooperation and inform sharing between ICE and all Fairfax agencies, this would also include the police. Privacy protection for the residents personal information is also an integral part in the formation of said policy. Through the implementation of the policy, ICE will not have any access to information or county resources and facilities that is not also available to the general public.

The policy is said to ensure that immigrants are able to properly participate in the vitality of the economy and contribute to its future. The county will however cooperate if required to but as of this week, all information has been cut off. According to McKay, the trust policy has been reviewed by The Fairfax County Attorney, the Department of Human Resources and Police Department. 




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