Politico reporter claims Trump’s base is growing since leaving office

According to Politico reporter Tara Palmeri, Donald Trump’s base has grown since leaving the White House.

While covering the Matt Gaetz led rally against Representative Liz Cheney, Palmeri spoke with many locals of the state of Wyoming. After speaking with the locals about Cheney’s vote to impeach Trump, Palmeri came to the conclusion that there is now a “crusade” being led on Trump’s behalf. Palmeri stated that Trump is “way more popular” within the state than Cheney. According to Palmeri the “overwhelming” consensus of Cheney’s vote to impeach was that it was “not a vote for Wyoming” and “therefore she has to go.” While on MSNBC, Palmeri stated, “I actually went out of my way to find someone who would defend her, and I really could not.” Palmeri even believes that a conviction in the Senate would make Trump “even more powerful.”

Palmeri described a disconnect between Washington DC and the state of Wyoming. Many locals believed that coronavirus deaths are “inflated,” were expressing distrust in the vaccine, feeling that the presidential election was stolen, and that Antifa infiltrated the January 6 Capital Hill riot, according to Palmeri. “I hate that they’re so distrustful, it feels like another world but that’s what’s on the ground and I don’t think that we can ignore it and I’m really happy that I went out there and saw it because I think that there’s a huge disconnect between Washington and the rest of the country” Palmeri said.

According to a poll posted by Politico, 60 percent of Wyoming voters support Cheney’s removal from office. Only 13 percent of Wyoming general election voters say they would vote to re-elect her while only 21 percent of Republican primary voters say they would vote for her over her challenger, State Senator Anthony Bouchard. As of now, Cheney’s chances of re-election are looking very slim. Out of the ten House Republicans who voted to impeach Trump, 7 are already facing primary challenges.




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