In a reversal of initial policy, Biden has deported hundreds of people in his first days in office

In a reversal of initial policy, President Joe Biden’s administration has deported hundreds of people in its early days in office. 

A Federal Judge has ordered the Biden administration to not enforce its 100-day moratorium of deportation, saying the Biden administration violated the Federal Administrative Procedure act and did not provide a reason as to why there was a necessity to pause the deportations. The White House issued a statement saying the moratorium was appropriate. However the ruling did not require President Biden’s administration to schedule deporations. Despite that, the administration had scheduled 15 deportations to Jamaica last Thursday and 269 deporations to either Honduras or Guatemala last Friday. More deportations are scheduled. Ice has stated that the deportations were in compliance with the court order [ABC news].

One of President Biden’s key points during the campaign was to stop the deportation of illegal immigrants. Despite that, this administration has deported hundreds. “It’s important that President Biden and Vice President Harris realize that despite their very clear desires about how immigrants are treated, we continue to see on a local level immigrants being mistreated and disregarded” said Attorney Melissa Lopez. It is unclear as of now how many of those deported are a national security threat or how many had recently crossed the U.S. border [US News].

Some have suggested that these deportations may not be directly the fault of the Biden administration. Democratic U.S. Rep. Veronica Escobar states “My concern is that ICE will continue to move quickly before the Biden administration has an opportunity to make assessments and provide further directives,” suggesting that the practices of the previous administration are still being followed. President Biden is expected to sign multiple Executive Orders related to immigration-policies, one of them being to reunify families that were separated during the Trump administration. 




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