Climate envoy John Kerry suggests laid-off oil workers should make solar panels

John Kerry, the former Secretary of State and incumbent Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, suggested that Oil Workers who were laid off due to Biden’s policies should make solar panels.

White House Climate Czar John Kerry spoke with reporters during a daily press briefing Wednesday, telling recently fired energy workers they should “go build solar panels” under the Biden administration. Kerry has received backlash for this statement, mainly from Republican politicians. Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton posted a tweet stating the following: “John Kerry’s message to tens of thousands of Americans who lost their jobs thanks to the Biden Administration: go and make solar panels. Where is the empathy that Joe Biden promised in his inauguration?” 

The Biden administration has faced criticism in recent days after one of the president’s numerous executive orders canceled the key contract for the Keystone XL pipeline–immediately leading to workers on the project being laid off. Some unions that endorsed Biden in the 2020 election have since condemned him for revoking the pipeline construction permit. Last week, President Biden rejoined the Paris Climate Accords and canceled the permit for the Keystone XL Pipeline, which was bringing thousands of jobs to the states of Montana and North Dakota.

Kerry stated at a Press Conference on the 28th of January that “the fastest growing job in the United States before Covid was Solar Power Technician.” For reference, Oil Technicians and occupations similar to that make a median income of $57,269 in the state of North Dakota, meanwhile Solar Technicians make around $52,869. Despite being an avid environmentalist who prioritizes fighting climate change, Kerry, who has a net worth of $250 million, owns a private jet and a 76 foot yacht. It’s for these reasons that his comments have been received as hypocritical.




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