Former President Donald Trump parts ways with head lawyers on impeachment team

A little more than a week before the upcoming impeachment trial, former President Donald Trump parted with the head lawyers on his impeachment team.

According to CNN, five of Trump’s top lawyers have left the team. South Carolina attorneys, Butch Bowers and Deborah Barbier, are no longer on the team because of disagreements about the direction of the case. The Associated Press reported, “According to a different person with knowledge of the legal hires, Bowers and Barbier left the team because Trump wanted them to use a defense that relied on allegations of election fraud, and the lawyers were not willing to do so.” Josh Howard, Greg Harris, and Johnny Gasser, other attorneys on Trump’s team, have left as well.

The impeachment trial is set to begin the week of February 8th. This will be the second

impeachment trial for former President Trump on the charge of inciting the Capitol Hill

insurrection on January 6th. Jason Miller, an advisor to the former President, said in a tweet on Saturday, “Dem. efforts to impeach a pres. who has already left office is unconstitutional & so bad for our country. In fact, 45 Senators have already voted that it is unconstitutional. We have done much work, but have not made a final decision on our legal team, which will be made shortly.”

It is unlikely that Trump will be convicted considering that Democrats in the senate probably won’t have the two-thirds majority vote needed. As was seen last Tuesday, the majority of Senate Republicans weren’t in favor of moving on with an impeachment trial to convict the former President. Janet Mullins Grissom, a Republican strategist, tweeted, “If you’re Trump this is rather a no brainer. With Senate Rs aka the jury on record that impeaching the former president is unconstitutional, why spend money on lawyers?” The decisions concerning Trump’s new legal team have yet to be announced.




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