Psychological operations officer Emily Rainey being investigated by Army for role in D.C. riots

Psychological operations officer Emily Rainey is being investigated by the Army for her role in the D.C. riots.

Capt. Emily Rainey, 30, a psychological operations officer stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, told The Associated Press that she led 100 members of a conservative advocacy group in North Carolina to Washington on Wednesday “to stand against election fraud.” Hundreds of thousands of people attended the rally to hear President Trump speak on January 6th. A smaller fraction of those people marched the approximately 1.6 mile 30-45 minute walk to the Capitol Building after the president’s speech concluded, and a significantly smaller number of people managed to get inside of the Capitol Building where the chaos took place.

Rainey said her group attended the rally, but she didn’t know of anyone who entered the Capitol and that they were headed back to their buses hours before an emergency curfew took effect. “I was a private citizen and doing everything right and within my rights,” Rainey told The Associated Press on Sunday. Rainey denied entering the Capitol and she also told the AP that she and her group, Moore County Citizens for Freedom, or MCCF, are “peace-loving, law-abiding people who were doing nothing but demonstrating our First Amendment rights.”

Rainey had resigned her commission after receiving a career-ending letter of reprimand for her actions at an earlier protest in the Fort Bragg area. According to Army spokesperson, Maj. Dan Lessard, she submitted a letter of resignation in October and was approved in November to separate from the Army in April. Members of the U.S. military are permitted to take part in political organizations and events out of uniform. However, the Department of Defense directive prohibits active-duty service members from sponsoring partisan organizations. It is unclear if Rainey’s participation with her group on Wednesday went against DOD policy. There does not appear to be any evidence at this time that Rainey entered the capitol building or participated in any acts of violence.




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