Another mysterious monolith spotted on the Isle of Wight, off England’s south coast


Another mysterious monolith was spotted this weekend on the Isle of Wight, off England’s south coast, according to CNN.

The strange structure has been sparking intrigue since the first 10-foot-tall silver structure was discovered on November 18 in Utah’s remote Red Rock Country. It is unclear who was responsible, as multiple artists took credit for the statue. Some internet users speculated that aliens were to blame. The first one mysteriously disappeared a few days after and was later revealed to have been removed by conservationists concerned that the attention drawn to the park would be damaging to the natural surroundings.

Imitation structures sprang up in a Romanian forest and on a Californian mountaintop, but both disappeared as quickly as they arrived. Meanwhile, reports flooded in about a similar structure in the Netherlands. It is still unclear who is behind the erection of the globetrotting silver pillars, but a Santa Fe-based art collective, The Most Famous Artist, had advertised a 10-foot structure for sale on its website for $45,000, now marked as sold. It is unclear if all or any of the monoliths are the same, or have come from the same source, despite some artists claiming responsibility online.


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