Joe Biden declares he will enact four executive orders rolling back Trump administration policies


Joe Biden has declared he will enact four executive orders rolling back President Trump’s efforts on a number of issues if inaugurated President in January, in an election contested by legal challenges by the Trump campaign.  

The executive actions would include rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement, reinstating the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, rejoining the World Health Organization, and repealing Trump’s travel ban targeting majority Muslim nations. The pledge came after most major media outlets projected Biden to be the winner of the 2020 presidential election, though the Trump campaign is challenging the results, citing voter fraud and voting irregularities in lawsuits in virtually every contested battleground state. 

Monday’s news signaled the beginning of a longer effort to undo a variety of policies pursued by Trump. Biden has vowed to repeal Trump’s tax cuts, for example, and said that he would reverse the Mexico City Policy, which Trump reinstated shortly after taking office in 2017. That policy restricts international funding for organizations that promote abortion. Other abortion-related policies and those weakening the Affordable Care Act will likely be on the chopping block in a Biden-Harris administration as well.

Biden’s decision to re-enter the WHO reflects a broader effort to combat the coronavirus upon taking office. Democrats have decried Trump’s decision to exit the transnational organization in the middle of a pandemic. Trump has defended the move as a way to hold the organization accountable for alleged missteps during the pandemic. In an official move, the president-elect formed a coronavirus advisory board dominated by scientists and doctors. “The challenge before us right now is still immense and growing, and so is the need for bold action to fight this pandemic,” Biden said after being briefed on the virus. “We are still facing a dark winter” (FOX).

In a tweet posted Wednesday night, the former vice president vowed that a Biden administration would undo the Trump administration’s action to withdraw from the Paris Climate agreement. “Today, the Trump Administration officially left the Paris Climate Agreement. And in exactly 77 days, a Biden Administration will rejoin it,” Biden wrote on the social media platform. If Biden does emerge as the winner of the presidential contest, he will have until Feb. 21, 2021, to formally rejoin the international pact. Given that the next president will take office on Jan. 20, 2021, he will have plenty of time to meet the deadline (NY Post).


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