Oxygen supply failure on Russian module of ISS, but crew not in danger


According to Science Alert, the oxygen supply system has failed in the Russian segment of the International Space Station, though the six astronauts that are currently on board are not in any danger, Russian space agency Roscosmos told reporters.

Late last Wednesday, the oxygen supply system on the Zvezda module failed. A second system on the American segment is functioning properly so the crew is in no danger. A Roscosmos spokesperson reported, “Nothing threatens the security of the crew and the ISS.” also adding that the repair would be performed this coming Thursday.

Astronauts aboard the ISS in August were the first to detect that there was a problem. They reported there was an air leak in the same Zvezda module. This leak is thought to have led to the system failing. Roscosmos accentuated that at the time the leak was not a problem. Another group of Astronauts was set to launch on October thirteenth, and when they arrived they were going to figure out a solution for the leak. When the astronauts arrived on October fourteenth the problem escalated, this is when the oxygen supply system failed.

Russian cosmonaut Gennady Padalka, the person who holds the record for most days spent in space, was quoted by the RIA Novosti news agency saying that the Russian equipment onboard the ISS is well past its use-by date. He said, “All modules of the Russian segment are exhausted,” adding that the equipment should be used for a maximum of fifteen years and it is now over five years past its expiration date. The first module of the ISS was only launched in 1998, meaning the Russian equipment has yet to be updated. 



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