Tonight’s Vice Presidential Debate: What to Expect


The first and only vice presidential debate will be held in Salt Lake City at Kingsbury Hall Wednesday night between Vice President Mike Pence and Vice Presidential candidate Senator Kamala Harris.

The two candidates will square off starting at 9:00 PM EST. Both candidates have openly expressed their readiness for tonight’s debate, with Pence stating during the day of Kamala Harris’ nomination, “My message to the Democratic nominee for vice president: congratulations. I’ll see you in Salt Lake City,” (C-Span). Kamala responded to Pence during an ABC interview, saying, “Oh good. Me, too. Oh, I’m looking forward to seeing him. Absolutely.” 

Both sides are hopeful that each candidate will perform well tonight. Conservatives and Republicans hope to see Pence bring positive energy to the campaign with a clear and strong message to appeal to those in the middle ground. Democrats and Liberals hope, though Kamala Harris represents the more progressive individual of the Biden-Harris ticket, Harris will stick true to the Biden campaign message and draw a more clear conclusion to the platform of the Biden campaign than what Biden expressed in the previous debate. Each candidate has their work cut out for them considering the aftermath of the first presidential debate. 

In 2012, it was then-Vice President Biden who helped steady the Obama re-election campaign with his solid performance in the vice presidential debate, stabilizing the narrative of the presidential race after a “shaky” first debate for then-President Barack Obama that saw polls shift slightly in Mitt Romney’s favor (Fox News). 

One of Kamala Harris’ most notable moments from her debates for President included when former candidate Tulsi Gabbard highlighted Kamala’s promise to be a “prosecutor President”, as she had jailed over 1,500 inmates for marijuana charges, then later in an interview laughed about her possibly using marijuana (Washington Examiner). Kamala also ran into many issues with her conflicting statements on being a progressive and supporting policies such as the Green New Deal, but then claiming to be a “prosecutor President” (The Hill). Later, Kamala backtracked on former statements about Joe Biden being a segregationist, and in an interview with Stephen Colbert, her response to the remark: “It was a debate.” 



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