Trump brings on-stage Ohio High Football players suspended for carrying flags onto field on 9/11


President Donald Trump brought on stage, while visiting Toledo, Ohio, two Little Miami football players whilst applauding them for carrying flags supporting law enforcement onto the field on 9/11. 

The two football players got suspended for their actions. In a clip published by C-SPAN, Trump tells the young men, “I want to congratulate you. You’ve become famous..” Trump then asked how the football team was going, one of the young men responded “could be better.” The young men then walked off stage as the crowd chanted “USA”. Trump’s final statement on the highschool boys, “So Jared and Brady, thank you for supporting the heroes in our law enforcement.” ~

On 9/11, a video of two young men from Little Miami Highschool carrying a “Back the Blue” flag and a flag with a thin red line associated with support of firefighters went viral. Despite being denied permission to fly the flags at the game, the two young men decided to ignore the orders and fly both flags on the field before the game. As a consequence, both young men were then suspended from playing or practicing, according to the Toledo Blade. However, both players were reinstated the next day following the backlash against the school’s decision to suspend both players. In a statement released by the school on September 15, “there were no political motivations behind this display of support for first responders on 9/11, but there were stances of insubordination.” 

Gregory Power, the superintendent of the school district, received hate messages through email and voicemail for announcing the suspension of the young boys, he told WKRC-TV. Although the two students got recognized for the act, the Little Miami school board in their final statement last Tuesday stated that the flags carried by the boys will no longer be allowed at district functions. “As the season continues, the only two flags that will come through the Little Miami football tunnel are the flag of the United States of America and the Little Miami spirit flag. The Board of Education supports this decision of district administration.” 



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