Chinese government agency that helped Disney film “Mulan” accused of human rights abuses


Disney publicly thanked a Chinese government agency for its help in making “Mulan,” though the same agency has been accused of human rights abuses, provoking criticism online, according to CNN business. ~

The connection between “Mulan” and Xinjiang has sparked much criticism on social media since its release Friday on Disney’s streaming service, Disney +. Human rights advocates are asking Disney to make public any agreements they made with the Chinese government involved with filming in the region. Disney has not commented on the issue at this time. It’s not clear how much of “Mulan” may have been shot in Xinjiang, though people who worked on the movie have said on social media and in interviews that they scouted and filmed locations there. ~

Disney acknowledges several Chinese government bodies in the credits for the new live-action interpretation of the 1998 animated movie Mulan of the same name. A few of the bodies credited have sparked controversy online. One of these agencies include the Xinjiang region’s publicity department, where officials have been accused of committing rights abuses against millions of members of ethnic Muslim minority groups, according to the Wall Street Journal. The US State Department estimates that since 2015, as many as two million of the Muslim-majority Uyghurs and other Turkic minorities have been imprisoned in enormous re-education camps in Xinjiang. The Turpan Public Security Bureau has been listed by the US government as an organization involved in “human rights violations and abuses” in the region. ~

Beijing has long defended the crackdown in Xinjiang as necessary to tackle extremism and terrorism, and said it is in line with Chinese law and international practice, calling accusations of mass detentions a “groundless lie” and “sensational rumor.” A spokesperson for the country’s foreign ministry on Tuesday reiterated its defense of what it calls its Xinjiang “vocational skills education and training centers.”  “There are no so-called concentration camps in Xinjiang,” said China’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian. ~


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