The police-involved shooting death of Dijon Kizzee, a 29 year-old black man, sparks unrest in LA


According to MSN, the shooting death of Dijon Kizzee, a 29 year-old black man, resulted in new outrage and pleas for racial justice, as protests and riots erupted in LA Monday evening. The death occurred as the result of a police encounter, prompting many critics to renew their calls for increased law enforcement transparency and accountability. ~

Information on the situation is currently limited. The shooting occurred at 3:16 PM Monday, at West 10th Place in Los Angeles, California. Kizzee was shot by L.A. County sheriff’s deputies after being stopped for riding his bicycle in violation of vehicle codes. It is not known what the violation was. According to the Sheriff’s department, deputies tried to speak with Kizzee, but he fled the scene, leaving his bicycle behind. Kizzee ran in the Northward direction for one block before making contact with the deputies in pursuit. At this point, according to Lt. Brandon Dean, Kizzee turned around and punched a deputy in the face. Kizzee then dropped a bundle of clothing, inside which the deputies claimed to have spotted a handgun. Kizzee was fired upon by both deputies during this altercation. The precise timeline of these events is unclear at this moment. At least 15 shots can be heard from a doorbell video near the scene. ~

Hours after the event occurred, Black Lives Matter Los Angeles called on its supporters to come to the scene and protest the shooting. BLM activists condemned law enforcement, claiming that the shooting was unjustified and that Kizzee’s body was not treated with respect after he died. These claims were followed by demands of justice for the deputies responsible for the shooting, and hours of civil unrest on the streets. This same night, riots sprung up around the LA area, and a stolen car was recorded smashing into a shoe store while a group of men watched. It is not known whether this event was connected to the protests. ~

Kizzee’s family retained the same civil rights attorney representing the family of Jacob Blake – Ben Crump. Blake’s recent shooting by police sparked a renewed round of protests and riots in many major cities across the country. ~


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