Jacob Blake, a black man, shot several times in “officer-involved shooting” in Wisconsin Sunday


According to BBC News, cities around the US have been rocked by protests/riots in recent days demanding justice for Jacob Blake, 29, who was shot several times in the back in an “officer-involved shooting” in Kenosha, Wisconsin Sunday evening. Blake, a black man, survived the shooting, and is reportedly paralyzed from the waist down, though it remains unclear whether his injuries are permanent, according to Blake’s family. ~

There is still limited information regarding the incident. The shooting of Jacob Blake occurred shortly after 5:00 PM Sunday, after the Kenosha Police Department said they were responding to reports of a domestic incident. Blake’s lawyers claim that he had been trying to “de-escalate a domestic incident” when police drew their weapons. According to the Police, however, radio scanner audio of the call to the police seems to show that Blake may have instigated the domestic incident after “stealing a woman’s keys.” ~

The person who shot the viral video of the shooting, Raysean White, told CNN that before he began recording the incident, Blake was part of a scuffle with the police that involved police wrestling, punching and tasering Blake. White’s video of the incident shows Blake walking around the front of the SUV, closely followed by a pair of white police officers who were demanding Blake to stop. When Blake opened the door of his SUV and leaned in, one officer can be seen in the video grabbing Blake’s shirt and opening fire, as seven gun-shots are then heard in the viral video. According to INSIDER, Blake’s three sons were in the back of the SUV. White also claims that he heard officers shout “Drop the knife!” before gunfire was heard, though a knife is not visible in the video. It remains unclear how many officers or who the specific officers involved were, and what exactly happened leading up to the shooting. ~

Protests, some which turned to riots, raged in Kenosha for the third straight night Tuesday, as a state of emergency was called into effect Monday. On Tuesday, numerous buildings were set on fire, and at least two shootings concluded in two fatalities. The suspect, 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse, was arrested Wednesday morning. ~


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