Jill Biden’s ex-husband accuses her of affair with Joe Biden in early 1970s


Aligning with the first day of the 2020 Democratic National Convention, Jill Biden’s first husband, Bill Stevenson, alleged Monday that Jill Biden had a relationship with her current husband, Joe Biden, while her and Stevenson were still married, despite claims that the potential future first lady didn’t meet the Democratic candidate for President until after her divorce with Stevenson in 1975. ~

Stevenson, the founder of The Stone Balloon — which is a famed live music club near the University of Delaware — married Jill Jacobs in 1970. At the time, Biden was married to his first wife Neilia, who tragically died along with their one-year-old daughter Naomi in a car crash in 1972. In an interview with the Daily Mail, Stevenson asserted that Jill and Joe initially crossed paths in 1972 during Joe’s first campaign to represent Delaware in the US Senate, not in 1975 like the couple claim. Stevenson accused Joe of being a “home-wrecker” Monday and says the story of how Joe and Jill met on a blind date in 1975 before marrying in 1977 is “completely made up,” (NY Post). Stevenson outlined when he first suspected the affair in 1974, when his then-wife Jill Biden passed up on meeting an up-and-coming rock star who was slated to play at Stevenson’s club to reportedly watch Biden’s children Beau and Hunter (NY Post). ~

Stevenson stated Monday that he has written a book about the allegation that he says would  “blow the lid off” the story. Although he says he has not yet decided whether to publish before or after the election, the book is reportedly “ready to go.” Despite Jill’s alleged affair with Biden, Stevenson admitted he voted for Obama and Biden in both 2008 and 2012. ~

Stevenson, speaking about the publishing of his book, stated that he “genuinely [does not] want to harm Jill’s chances of becoming First Lady.” He continued, “It’s not a bitter book — I’m not bitter because, if it wasn’t for my divorce, I would never have met my wife Linda and she’s the greatest thing in my life.” ~

According to Distractify, Jill says her ex’s version of events is way off. When questioned about the allegations, the Biden campaign declined to comment. ~


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