Kim Jong Un, dictator of North Korea, orders pet dogs to be confiscated in Pyongyang


Kim Jong Un, dictator of North Korea, has ordered pet dogs to be confiscated in Pyongyang, the country’s capital (Fox News). ~

The directive was ordered in July, though action to confiscate the animals is ongoing (New York Post). Dogs are being put down, or sent to zoos and restaurants (Business Insider). ~

Pet dogs have been considered in the country illegal on and off since the 1980s due to “capitalist connotations” (New York Post). However, both Kim Jong Un and his father, Kim Jong II, have owned dogs, and wealthy residents of Pyongyang have continued to bring them back (New York Post). In contrast, most ordinary families raise livestock such as pigs on their porches (Business Insider). However, food animals may be in short supply, as recent flooding has devastated crops around the country (National Post). North Korea has refused foreign aid, though their national Red Cross Society has sent volunteer efforts to help with floodwork and COVID-19 prevention (National Post). ~

Kim Jong Un explained that pets represented Western “decadence”, and that the pets “stoked some resentment” among lower classes (Fox News). The move is “designed to quell public anger over the country’s economic tailspin” (National Post). Many dog owners, however, fear that the order is made to address the food shortage, resulting in the dogs being killed and eaten (New York Post). Pet owners are reportedly “cursing Kim Jong Un behind his back,” but there is not much they can do to change the order (Fox News). ~


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