Russian President Vladimir Putin claims that Russia has granted a COVID-19 vaccine


Reported by Reuters Tuesday afternoon, Russian President Vladimir Putin claimed that Russia has granted a vaccine against COVID-19 regulatory approval, despite the fact that the vaccine has been in human trials for less than two months. Putin insisted that the vaccine was safe and effective, even saying that his own daughter received a dose and was feeling fine, despite a slight raise in body temperature. ~

The vaccine, which is called Sputnik-V – a tribute to the first satellite launched into orbit by the Soviet Union – was developed by The Gamaleya Institute, which is based in Moscow. It consists of two doses, and contains “two serotypes of a human adenovirus, each carrying an S-antigen of the new coronavirus, which enter human cells and produce an immune response” (Reuters). This platform of vaccine creation was created by Russian scientists and was used to battle the Ebola outbreak as well. Mass distribution of the vaccine is planned to take place in October, but government officials say that medical officials and teachers will be able to receive a dose as early as the end of August if they desire. Although many people are excited at the aspects of an effective vaccine that could potentially launch Russia’s struggling economy to where it once was, the Moscow-based Association of Clinical Trials Organizations, which represents many Russian-based pharmaceutical companies, urged the government to postpone the rollout of the vaccine until phase III trials of the vaccine had completed. ~

Many COVID-19 trials around the world have shown promising results, possibly providing the political pressure to force Putin to fasttrack the Russian vaccine without all necessary trials (Reuters). Last month, a hacking group targeted organizations focused on COVID-19 vaccine trials, and the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre said they were very certain that the culprit was the Russian hacking group APT29, also known as The Dukes (BBC). ~


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