Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden selects Kamala Harris to be his running mate


Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden selected Kamala Harris to be his running mate Tuesday afternoon, setting the presidential race between Republicans Donald Trump and Mike Pence and Democrats Joe Biden and Kamala Harris this November. ~

The historic selection will make Harris the third woman and first African American and Asian American ever to be nominated for Vice President by one of the two major political parties. ~

Kamala Harris, 55, is the daughter of immigrants from Jamaica and India, and is a former California state attorney general who gained national prominence for her questioning of Trump administration appointees and officials, including that of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Since becoming the first Black woman elected to the US Senate from California in 2016, Harris has been a strong advocate for criminal justice reforms, protecting “Dreamers”, and most notably introducing a bill which would “give lower-income families cash payments and tax credits to help battle wage stagnation and rising housing costs,” (CNN). In 2019, Harris made waves in the race for Democratic nominee for President, once rising to the top of polling after targeting Biden on his forced bussing policy. ~

According to Biden, who will be 78 on Inauguration Day if elected, Harris represents a younger generation of Democratic leaders, a point he said was a major factor in his decision. In an email to supporters Tuesday afternoon, Biden referenced the Coronavirus pandemic and calls for racial justice as another reason for his VP pick. “These aren’t normal times. I need someone working alongside me who is smart, tough, and ready to lead. Kamala is that person.” ~

According to CNN politics, Harris was Biden’s “safe” pick for VP. Critics of Harris, however, point to her history as attorney general, in which Harris “rarely prosecuted police officers who killed civilians” and “refused to allow advanced DNA testing that might have exonerated Kevin Cooper, a Black man on death row,” (NPR). She has also been criticized for defending some convictions against allegations of prosecutorial misconduct. ~


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