United States sees 40% jump in COVID-19 cases among children in July


According to the CDC, the US saw a 40% jump in COVID-19 cases among children in the month of July, as the debate on whether or not schools should resume in-person in the fall rages across the country. ~

As of Monday afternoon, the US has recorded over 5.06 million cases of COVID-19, which equates to just over a quarter of all cases around the world. The US also leads the world in deaths from the virus, recording 163K of the 732K reported deaths across the globe. ~ 

Reported by Bloomberg, citing the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Children’s Hospital Association, 86 children have died from COVID-19 in the US (338K total cases), amounting to 0.06% of total cases and 0.003% of total deaths, even as children make up 24 percent of the general American population. According to the CDC, the case fatality rate for children in the US is 0.005%. The CDC also outlines that as of August 10, 20 of the 50 states have not recorded a child death due to COVID-19, and deaths of children due to COVID-19 across the country are less than in each of the last five flu seasons. “Although relatively rare, flu-related deaths in children occur every year. From 2004 to 2019, flu-related deaths in children reported to CDC during regular flu seasons ranged from 37 to 187 deaths. During the H1N1 pandemic (2009-2010), 358 pediatric deaths were reported to CDC.” ~

The CDC stated in a report last month that a majority of child fatalities due to COVID-19 are due to the child having underlying health conditions. Georgia health officials, however, confirmed last week that a 7-year old boy with no preexisting health conditions died from the virus, becoming the youngest fatality in the state. ~

The national debate over reopening schools has heated up in recent weeks, as over 13,000 school districts across the US are posed with beginning a new school year. Democrats have accused Trump of recklessness for his calls to send students back to the classrooms, citing safety concerns for students, their families, and staff members (CBS). Republicans, however, say that the left is weaponizing schools in an election year, citing low fatality and transmissibility among children and healthy adults. ~ 


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